Raw Matcha Macaroons

Ok, one dessert recipe after the another. However, these are SO good. They've got to be on the blog. I forget about this little collab I did with one of my favorite websites DESIGNLOVEFEST. I totally freaked out when I was given the opportunity to share one of my recipes with their audience. I'm totally obsessed with Matcha—which reminds me, I'd like to order some more soon. I'm out! I personally love Mizuba Matcha. Lauren, the founder, is a friend of mine and totally Lady Boss who I love to support. Anywho, for the recipe head over the DESIGNLOVEFEST and make these asap!!!

Nutella Haystacks (Vegan + Grain-free)

Hi friends. I'm going back and revisiting some absolute all-time favorites from my old blog. My sweet friend Mickey was asking me about this recipe a few months back and if she approves, then I really know they must be delicious. She is a pretty amazing cook/recipe creator herself (see her book here!) These are a super adabtable recipe and a clean treat. I think you'll totally love them. 


Nutella Haystacks (Vegan + Grain-free)

Start by gently heating 3oz dark chocolate, 1/3 cup nut butter (for that nutella-y taste use hazelnut butter!), 2 tablespoons coconut oil, 1 tablespoon carob powder, 1 tablespoon maple syrup, a pinch of pink salt and a dash of vanilla extract together over a double boiler. Once ingredients have melted together, remove from heat and combine well. Add 1 cup of shredded coconut and combine well. Place scoops of dough onto a lined baking sheet. Transfer to freezer and let sit for at least one hour. Store in fridge. 

March Beauty Picks

I've always loved sharing my favorite beauty products each season. I've been on the green beauty path for a few years now and have developed strong brand loyalty to Luminance Skincare for all of my skincare needs but have also been constantly experimenting with beauty and makeup products for several years. During this Spring season I'm going for fresh and glowy skin and am into minimal makeup that highlights my best features. A brand I'm really loving these days is Beautycounter. I first signed up a few months ago, and to be honest, it has taken a few months for the products to grow on me. But I've really enjoyed using their line of makeup. I feel like I have the most sensitive skin and so I'm pretty cautious about which makeup I use since it ends up sitting on my skin for the majority of the day. I've been wildly happy with the foundation/skin dew, basic brush collection and the charcoal mask (best product!!) I love the idea of bright and rosy cheeks for spring so I've been leaning on blush more regularly than bronzer. I really love the duo from Beautycounter. This is definitely a brand you'll hear me talk about more. If you'd like to try out Beautycounter, send me a note via my contact page and I can help advise you on products and you can place your order through me. It's a great brand that is committed to producing high-quality products with clean ingredients. Another brand I'm loving is Axiology. SO GOOD. Non-toxic, natural, organic, vegan lipstick in totally banging colors. I'm going to list all my favorite products right now below. If you have any questions, please let me know!! All of these brands listed below are committed to the #greenbeauty movement.

Products Listed From Left to Right:

Beautycounter Charcol Mask: this is probably beautycounters most popular product because it is so awesome and effective. Charcol is a natural detoxifier and is great used both externally on this skin and internally after eating something that doesn't agree with your system. This mask does a really great job at detoxing the pores so your makeup goes on smoothly and you are glowy. 

Beautycounter Bronzer No. 1 | a great bronzer for a natural glowy look. 

Beautycounter Blush Duo | I have one of each of the blush duos. Why? Because I'm obsessed with blush! It's the best for giving your cheeks a rosy glow of happy energy. I always feel like blush makes me look healthier. I loveee all of these. Especially the Tawny/Whisper color. 

Beautycounter Brush Collection | if you want to approach makeup brushes with a minimalistic mindset, this is the perfect set. It allows you to do the basics of contouring with a large powder brush, a blush/bronzer brush for highlighting your features and a brush for liquid application. 

Axiology Lipstick | I wanted to share this brand with you because it's a kickass lady owned company that's just doing it right. Ericka, the founder, has created beautifully crafted toxin-free, vegan, all natural lipsticks that perform SO well. I spontaneously picked one up at a local shop here in Bend, Oregon. I got the color Vibration and I love it. It's the perfect shade for a fun night out. 

Lilylolo Mascara | a tried and true favorite for the past year or so. Love this mascara. 

Luminance Deep Hydration Face Lotion | for those of you who read the contents of my old blog, you know I loveeee luminance skincare. They just do it right. All-natural products that are crap free and perform SO WELL. I have been using this face moisturizer for years now and it is 100% a product I cannot live without. 

Luminance Rose Water | rose water is another tried and true favorite of mine. Rose water balances the pH of your skin after exposing it to chemically altered water (all of our water supply, sadly.) This is great for balancing and hydrating the skin and I just loooove it so. 

Luminance Holy Cacao | so this is a pretty fun product that I was sent from the Luminance team. It's actually a personal lubricant, which I believe works quite well. However, I've been stashing it in my car and use it on my cuticles/nails to help with dry and peeling skin here in the high desert. Amazing. It works so well. And smells like chocolate. MMM. 

Ground Up Nut Butters

Hi friends. I feel such a beautiful new sense of inspiration and love for this blog. Today I want to introduce you to a fabulous brand of ground nut butters called Ground Up PDX. My sweet friend Caro and her friend Julie started this brand of gourmet almond butters with flavors like Lavender Honey, Coconut Cardamom with Chia Seeds, Espresso Stout and more. SO good. This almond butter is crafted with love and care and is free of any harmful ingredients that commercial nut butters are generally filled with (sugar, seed oils, fillers.) Better yet, they are committed to changing the lives of women in need through the sales of their nut butters. Seriously, read about their mission here, it's wildly inspiring. And the nut butters. Well. Let me tell you. SO GOOD. I mean, by the spoonful good. A little TOO good, if you ask me. Hehe. I'm obsessed with the Coconut Cardamom with Chia Seeds. It's so good on a spoon, added to smoothies or spread onto toast. I've gone through an entire large jar in just a few days. OOPS. Anyways, if you're looking for a kind and thoughtful gift, I think this would be just the thing. It's a great product that's making an impact. You go Caro; so very happy for you. You can shop their nut butters here. 

Wildcraft Studio School: Scandinavian Knife Making

I spent this past weekend in Portland, Oregon at the Wildcraft Studio School space learning how to make traditional Scandinavian Knives and Sheaths. The class was taught by Jeremy Thomas who has his own knife brand Sacha Knives. And oh my did it feelamazing and awesome to produce something as beautiful as a knife from raw materials. We carved the wood by hand, sanded it down, attached the blades and made leather sheaths, which are what the knives are carried in. Ironically enough, just a few days before I had visited Matt Carter for a photo story—he is a mobile knife-maker with a school bus as his workshop. So going into it I had a bit of clarity on what the process looked like. After two days of working on my knife, I have to say that I have mad respect for Matt. You can check out his knives here. Anyways, it was another absolutely successful weekend in Portland and I am so proud of what I produced.

Rebecca's Spiced Ginger Cake

I feel really grateful to have a woman as lovely as Rebecca in my life. She is my fairy godmother and she lives in the town just next to Bend. When I think about why I am living in Bend, it really comes down to being close to family and having community. I feel endlessly grateful for the friendship and sisterhood I have with Rebecca. She is the most whimsical cook/baker, has an incredible eye for styling and is as equally as in love with hunting for vintage items as I. Every few weeks we get together and have an artistic creation day where we cook something up and style and photograph it. I seriously live for these days. This all started when we shot the Rainshadow Cookbook together this past fall (more to be shared about that soon!) We had such a blast styling scenes out and making food look super pretty. I wanted to share these images with you from my first shoot in my new trailer. Rebecca brought a spiced ginger bundt cake; drool. How gorgeous is it? Rebs is kindly letting me share this sweet recipe with you. And the best part is it's so easy to make gluten-free! Just use your favorite cup for cup flour. 


Rebecca's Spiced Ginger Cake

1 stick of butter, softened

1/2 cup coconut oil, melted

3/4 cup brown sugar

1/4 cup molasses

2 cups flour

1/2 tsp salt

2 cups flour (or cup for cup GF flour!)

1/4 tsp black pepper 

1/2 tsp cinnamon

1/4 tsp cloves

grate 1/4 cup ginger root or 3 teaspoons powdered ginger

1/2 sour cream

1/2 apple sauce

1 tsp baking soda

1/2 tsp baking powder

Beat together butter, coconut oil, brown sugar and molasses with three eggs. Whip it for 3 minutes so it is mousse like. Slowly combine sour cream/apple sauce and flours + spices into mixture. Bake at 350 for approx. 35-40 minutes. Top with fresh cream or a simple icing made with powdered sugar, water, cream cheese and orange zest. Garnish with flowers (always!)

Wildcraft Studio School: Intensive Dye Workshop

This past weekend I had the absolute privilege of attending the Root to Flower: Natural Dye Intensive Workshop at Wildcraft Studio School in Portland, with a dozen other wonderful creative Portland women. Talk about inspiring! We died natural fabrics with things like Madder Root, Dogwood, Marigolds, Hollyhocks and so many other magical plants/blooms. I've been totally crazy about Wildcraft since attending a Spring mushroom workshop many years ago at the White Salmon location. This year, I'm intent on growing my "maker skills." This workshop absolutely pushed my brain in ways it doesn't often go (there was a lot of chemistry going on!) I drove back to Bend full of inspiration by the possibility of natural dyes but also wildly inspired by all the dynamic women  who attended. Looking forward to more Wildcraft classes this Spring!

My Newly Renovated 1967 Aloha Travel Trailer

Hi friends! Well, I'm kicking off something sort of new. I needed a change. I've been blogging for over five years and somewhere along the way my vision got clouded and I took a whole load of space to sit with what was going on. I felt a divergence between my true authentic vision and what I was sharing/producing. It was frustrating. I'm so excited to start blogging again—with a clean slate this time around. I'll be sharing all sorts of things about this exciting life I'm living here in Central Oregon. One of the most fun and exciting projects of the past several months has been purchasing, gutting, painting and redoing a beautiful 1967 Aloha Travel Trailer, which I have named DeziPinkz (as in Desert Pinks.) The name is an ode to the beautiful colors of the Oregon Desert and the pinks of the desert that inspired the paint job. This project has been a labor of love and dedication. Not for the faint of heart, I tell you. I bought this trailer in Terrebonne, Oregon from a yoga teacher and her partner. It was green and white and has some holes and problem area. I ended up painting two tones of pink—a desert rose color and light cotton candy pink with a white dividing line. I also had the interior completely gutted, resealed, painted entirely white and had wood floors put in. There have been a variety of ideas in regards to what I'd use this trailer for over the past few months of owning it. A shop! My home! A studio! The last I have indeed settled on; for now. It is my PERFECT photo studio. I finally feel that I can bring my visions to life. This has been such a fun project but has also been time consuming and a financial investment. However, in my eyes, it has been entirely worth it. Here are some images of the process of converting my trailer. 

If I had a few words of wisdom to share for those wanting to re-do a trailer...

1. Realize that projects like redoing a trailer take time; you'll definitely want to enjoy the process and make your dream space come to life, so let it breathe and give it time. This redo took nearly 5+ months. 

2. If you're going to paint it yourself, a paint spray gun is definitely the way to go; first round we rolled it and then learned our lesson. Paint spray guns are inexpensive and super effective. 

3. Have your vision entirely clear before starting the project.