March Beauty Picks

I've always loved sharing my favorite beauty products each season. I've been on the green beauty path for a few years now and have developed strong brand loyalty to Luminance Skincare for all of my skincare needs but have also been constantly experimenting with beauty and makeup products for several years. During this Spring season I'm going for fresh and glowy skin and am into minimal makeup that highlights my best features. A brand I'm really loving these days is Beautycounter. I first signed up a few months ago, and to be honest, it has taken a few months for the products to grow on me. But I've really enjoyed using their line of makeup. I feel like I have the most sensitive skin and so I'm pretty cautious about which makeup I use since it ends up sitting on my skin for the majority of the day. I've been wildly happy with the foundation/skin dew, basic brush collection and the charcoal mask (best product!!) I love the idea of bright and rosy cheeks for spring so I've been leaning on blush more regularly than bronzer. I really love the duo from Beautycounter. This is definitely a brand you'll hear me talk about more. If you'd like to try out Beautycounter, send me a note via my contact page and I can help advise you on products and you can place your order through me. It's a great brand that is committed to producing high-quality products with clean ingredients. Another brand I'm loving is Axiology. SO GOOD. Non-toxic, natural, organic, vegan lipstick in totally banging colors. I'm going to list all my favorite products right now below. If you have any questions, please let me know!! All of these brands listed below are committed to the #greenbeauty movement.

Products Listed From Left to Right:

Beautycounter Charcol Mask: this is probably beautycounters most popular product because it is so awesome and effective. Charcol is a natural detoxifier and is great used both externally on this skin and internally after eating something that doesn't agree with your system. This mask does a really great job at detoxing the pores so your makeup goes on smoothly and you are glowy. 

Beautycounter Bronzer No. 1 | a great bronzer for a natural glowy look. 

Beautycounter Blush Duo | I have one of each of the blush duos. Why? Because I'm obsessed with blush! It's the best for giving your cheeks a rosy glow of happy energy. I always feel like blush makes me look healthier. I loveee all of these. Especially the Tawny/Whisper color. 

Beautycounter Brush Collection | if you want to approach makeup brushes with a minimalistic mindset, this is the perfect set. It allows you to do the basics of contouring with a large powder brush, a blush/bronzer brush for highlighting your features and a brush for liquid application. 

Axiology Lipstick | I wanted to share this brand with you because it's a kickass lady owned company that's just doing it right. Ericka, the founder, has created beautifully crafted toxin-free, vegan, all natural lipsticks that perform SO well. I spontaneously picked one up at a local shop here in Bend, Oregon. I got the color Vibration and I love it. It's the perfect shade for a fun night out. 

Lilylolo Mascara | a tried and true favorite for the past year or so. Love this mascara. 

Luminance Deep Hydration Face Lotion | for those of you who read the contents of my old blog, you know I loveeee luminance skincare. They just do it right. All-natural products that are crap free and perform SO WELL. I have been using this face moisturizer for years now and it is 100% a product I cannot live without. 

Luminance Rose Water | rose water is another tried and true favorite of mine. Rose water balances the pH of your skin after exposing it to chemically altered water (all of our water supply, sadly.) This is great for balancing and hydrating the skin and I just loooove it so. 

Luminance Holy Cacao | so this is a pretty fun product that I was sent from the Luminance team. It's actually a personal lubricant, which I believe works quite well. However, I've been stashing it in my car and use it on my cuticles/nails to help with dry and peeling skin here in the high desert. Amazing. It works so well. And smells like chocolate. MMM.